I firmly believe that connection through family, friends or intimate partners is the stabilizing force that allows us to feel safe, happy and strong in our lives. There are times when these connections are broken, or we find we are simply not able to maintain good quality relationships. Therapy is a safe place in which we can explore our family histories, look at current relationships and ourselves and tackle the very human fears of loneliness, isolation and esteem.

I welcome everyone to my practice. My aim is to create a secure therapeutic relationship with my clients regardless of gender, background, age or sexual orientation.

I have spent years working with cancer patients and in bereavement. Through this, I have gained inspiration and appreciation for the resilience of the human spirit in times of crisis. I have learned strength is best accessed through support and community. There are times in our busy society that this support is hard to find, and that friends and family are not enough. This is where therapy can help.  A therapeutic space is one where we can feel safe and supported in talking about our fears and or worries.

I like working within the family dynamic and am open to how I conceptualize family and relationships. I have experience working with straight and queer populations. I welcome traditional and non-traditional (including non-monogamous) configurations. I am an empathetic listener, but I also provide a guided and structured approach to life’s challenges. I use a multi disciplinary approach which includes Solutions Based Therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Systems Theory and Mindfulness.

Philippa Klein

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  1. Jessica

    Hey! I loved what you had to say on DeAnne Smith’s podcast. Thanks for doing all you do!

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